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Category: Networking / Instant Messaging (LAN)

InterChat screenshot


LAN messenger and chat

Rating: 5 star rating for InterChat (Exceptional!)

InterChat is a small but powerful chat program and network messenger, that allows you to chat over a Local Area Network (LAN). It automatically detects other users on the network that are using the InterChat client and allows you to chat with one or more users, or to send an alert message that will show as a small pop-up window on the users desktop. It includes many features like auto-reply text, file transfers, multi-user chat, online status, alert messages to all users and more. The interface is easy to use and supports chat emoticons, chat dialog export and logging, custom user names and other handy features. In addition, InterChat comes with a SpeedBar option, that can put auto-hide chat bar across the top or bottom of your screen, which can be very handy for frequent chatters.

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Product Details:
File Size:723 kb
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