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Category: Security-Privacy / Anti Virus (Specialized)

avast! Virus Cleaner screenshot

avast! Virus Cleaner

portable virus and worm removal tool

Rating: 0 star rating for avast! Virus Cleaner

avast! Virus Cleaner is a free tool that will help you remove selected virus & worm infections from your computer and also performs necessary fixes to your system registry, Startup Folder etc. if needed. The program can also deactivate the virus present in memory. avast! Virus Cleaner is currently able to identify and remove the following worm families: MyDoom and Beagle/Bagle,Badtrans, BugBear including B variant, Nimda, Opas (aka Opasoft, Opaserv), Sircam, Sobig including B, C and D variants, Yaha (aka Lentin), and others.

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Product Details:
Publisher:ALWIL Software
File Size:398 kb
Windows:Win (All)
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